Lunar Mansion Ritual Template

So, lately I’ve been very interested in electional astrology and attempting to learn and be better at it, and coincidentally it seems like everyone I’m friends with is suddenly into Lunar Mansion magic.

Lunar Mansions are a time-keeping method that tracks the positions of the Moon as she progresses through the night sky. From :

The Lunar Mansions are determined by the position of the Moon as she circles the Earth. Taking her average motion of 12° 51′ and 26" and dividing that by the 360°s of the zodiac, we arrive at the 28 distinct positions the Moon can occupy in the sky on any given night.

Via my pal Nate’s blog he pointed out that March 23rd and 24th have a particularly good election for the 3rd Lunar Mansion, also known as Al-Thuraya. You can read his post here:

Al-Thuraya (The Abundant Little Ones) is located between 25° Aries 42′ – 8° Taurus 34′. The talismanic properties of Al-Thuraya include the "acquisition of all good things", which is something I think we can all appreciate. Again, from

  • Name: Al Thurayya (The Abundant Little Ones)
  • Indicator Star: Alcyone
  • Zodiacal Measurement: 25° Aries 42′ – 8° Taurus 34′
  • Electional Properties: Good to purchase animals, travel (but not by sea), hunting, alchemical works, and doing good. Bad for marriage, partnerships between unequals, and planting.
  • Talismanic Image: A seated woman with her right hand above her head.
  • Talismanic Properties: Acquisition of all good things. Safe travel, hold individuals captive, success in hunting and alchemical experiments.
  • Spirit: Amixiel or Annuncia
  • Suffumigation: Musk, camphor, mastic, and aromatic oils.

While my electional window for Minneapolis is going to be 23 March from 14:25 to 15:03, the timing for your location may be significantly different. Nate’s youtube post about March’s Lunar Mansions has a handy guide for helping you to calculate the timing for where you are, which you can find here:

You’ll want to find a time period where the following conditions are met:

  • The Moon is applying conjunct the Midheaven (MC ) or Ascendant (ASC)
  • The Moon has a beneficial aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile) to a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter).
  • The Moon is not negatively aspected (opposition, square) to a malefic planet (Mars or Saturn).
  • The Moon is not combust (within 12 degrees of the Sun).
  • The Moon is not in a cadent house (3rd, 6th, 9th, or 12th).
  • The planet that rules the sign the Moon is in (aka the Domicile Lord) is not in a cadent house.
  • The Domicile Lord is not negatively aspected to a malefic planet.
  • The Domicile Lord is not combust.
  • The Domicile Lord is not in a cadent house.
  • The Midheaven is not in a cadent house.

Lots of conditions, right? For me, the time window when all of these line up perfectly is between 15:01 and 15:03, so that two minute window is when I want to be suffumigating and charging the talisman. It’s okay to start the ritual beforehand – perhaps when the Moon begins being conjunct Midheaven, but ideally you’d want to do the actual juicing up of the talisman during the ideal window.

My current magical working group at Leaping Laughter Lodge in Minneapolis is also starting experimentation with Lunar Mansion magic. Sister Michelle Montserrat was kind enough to provide us with a ritual template that she adapted from Nigel Jackson’s Mansion Ritual published in The Mansions of the Moon – A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic, Second Edition, pp 30-33, 2019. ISBN 978-0-359-41315-7

I wanted to repost this ritual with a few modifications for my other internet friends who might want to do this ritual and take advantage of the auspicious election. Note: Names in ALL CAPS should be vibrated.

It is as follows:

Lunar Mansion Invocation Ritual

I. Opening

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Star Ruby.

JIBRAIL, MIKHAIL, ISRAFIL, AZRAIL, I call you to me here and now in this Holy Place.

Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram or Star Sapphire (with signs of NOX).

Invocation of Lunar Pneumata from the Picatrix:

Above me HADIS,

Below me MARANUS,

On my right MALTAS,

On my left TIMAS,

Before me RABIS,

Behind me MINALUS,

I invoke you here and now in this Holy Place.

II. Tuning the Space

Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Yesod (Lunar hexagram in violet, godname SHADDAI EL CHAI).

III. Invocation

1. (Say the Oration to the Spirits of Luna, Picatrix Bk IV, ch. 9)

Come swiftly with your spirits!

2. (Say the Mansion Prayer)

Great Angel who are appointed and set over the sphere of the Moon hear our incantations:
By the Infinite One and the Holy Unutterable Name of God,
By the Peak of Sin, crescent-crowned Moon-monarch,
And by the Silvern Hand of Ilmaqa, by the horns of Selene,
And the might of Lord Jibrail,
Peacock of the Angels ruling in the Heaven of Levanah.

3. (Say the Prayer to Luna: Picatrix Bk III, ch.7)

Luna, happy mistress, fortunate, cold and moist, even and beautiful, you are the head and the key of the planets, light in your motions, you who have a brilliant light, mistress of elation and pleasure, of good words, of good reputation, of regal fortune.

You are she who loves religion, who contemplates the things of the world, full of subtlety in your thoughts, you love and cherish pleasures, chants and pleasantries, mistress of ambassadors and envoys, able to reveal the secrets.

You are free and precious, you are for us closer than all the other planets. You are the greatest of all and you are luminous for all. You are capable of good and evil, you establish the link between planets, you relay their light, by your good disposition you improve them, whatever their condition.

All in this world is beautified the instant you are beautiful, and goes to the ill the moment you go to the ill. You are the beginning of things and their end. You are pre-eminent in nobility and honour amongst all the planets. It is why I make this request of you.

And I conjure you Silijail, The Angel that God has set with you to accomplish all your effects, have pity on me, to grant my request and by the humility which you have toward our Lord of Creation and His dominion, to grant me good in that which I request of you and for which I pray to you.

I invoke you by all your names:

QAMAR in Arabian,
MEHE in Phoenician,
ZAMAHYL in Greek,
SUMA in Indian,
CELEZ in Roman,

So that you meet my request in this Holy Place.

4. Conjuration of Gabriel

Many-named Luna, grant this working be true, and successful and call forth the great angel Gabriel who is appointed to the Sphere of the Moon to hear my incantations. By the infinite One and the holy unutterable name of God, by the peak of Sin, the crescent crowned Monarch. By the silver horns of Selene and the might of Gabriel, by the 28 forms of the Moon.

5. Petition

By this Rite of SHADDAI EL CHAI,
In the Supreme Power of the Light of Lights,
By the Eternal Forms of Light,
In the Name beyond all Names:
Descend, O –(Say Name of Mansion Spirit)—,
Celestial intelligence of —(Say Name of Mansion)—,
Descend, we implore thee, from the perfumed Mandal of the Lamps of the Moon. Breathe thy power into this talisman and ensoul it with thy pneumata. Enlighten me and grant me insight into the true nature of your spiritual realm. So mote it be!

At this point, suffumigate the talisman by passing it through the incense smoke. Feel the spirits moving through the smoke and into your talisman, empowering it with their essence.

6. Meditation

Sit in meditation with the conjured energy of the mansion for 10-20 minutes. Make note of all you experience.

7. License to Depart

(Mansion Spirit), celestial intelligence of (Name of Mansion), I hereby license you to depart unto your appointed place without harm or danger unto man or beast by the name SHADDAI EL CHAI. Go forth now, and may the blessings and peace of the Almighty, Eternal, True and Living God be ever present between us.

6. Closing

Close with Qabalistic Cross only to seal any insights gained during the meditation.

Divining a secret name via cartomancy

Because there was some interest in this method, taught to me by my mentor Scott Stenwick, I’m writing it up as a blog post for easy reading and reference.

One of the challenges in contacting any spirit is knowing its name. Knowing a spirit’s name is like knowing its private key, as Trithemius points out in Steganographia. If you follow the cosmology that every person has a spiritual helper, Holy Guardian Angel, or whatever you’d like to call it, you probably want to establish regular and clear communications with it. Having the name is a step along that path. A couple of years ago, my mentor taught me a method that produced a name that had particular synchronistic relevance and had internal consistencies that proved to me that it was valid, including finding the name of that spirit in a famous grimoire. The name was generated randomly, through the following tarot method.

First, perform a ritual to set up contact. This can be Liber Samekh, the Headless Rite, or in my case a sequence of rituals starting with the Qabalistic Cross, followed by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, the Middle Pillar, and the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram using all four elements to tune the space to Malkuth. My ritual sequence is another method taught to me by my mentor, following his theory of the “operant field”.

Once your ritual is complete, meditate for a moment with the intent in your mind to contact your spiritual helper. Then, take a full deck of tarot cards and shuffle well. Draw three cards.

If you draw one of the Major Arcana, keep drawing until you hit a pip card. If you are able to top deck draw at least three Major Arcana, the method was successful. Though, you should keep drawing until you get a pip card. If you don’t draw at least three Major Arcana off the top of the deck, the attempt was unsuccessful, and you should use the pip card that was revealed as guidance about possible obstacles or challenges standing in the way of your contact. Only make one attempt at this per day. If you are unsuccessful, meditate on the pip card you pulled and try again the next day or later.

If the method is successful and you get at least three top deck Major Arcana, reference Liber 777 and compare column II (Hebrew names of Numbers and Letters) with column XIV (General Attribution of Tarot). I personally preserved the order of the letters based on the order of my draws. In addition, I added an לא to the end of the name, or in English the suffix “-iel”.

Let’s try an example.

You perform your contact ritual and start drawing cards. You draw The Wheel of Fortune, The Star, and the Three of Wands. This attempt was unsuccessful, and you should meditate on the meaning of the Three of Wands to determine what might be blocking the contact.

Let’s see another example:

The cards you draw happen to be The Lovers, The Empress, the Fool, and the Seven of Cups. This attempt was successful. Referencing Liber 777, you can find that the letters corresponding to these trump cards are Zayin, Daleth, and Aleph, or זדא, which you might pronounce something like Zah-Dah-Ah. Adding the “-iel” suffix and getting a little creative, we might get something like Zadaiel.

Feel free to roast me if my butchering of Hebrew here is atrocious, my general knowledge and understanding of it are pretty limited. But, I do feel there is a degree of creative interpretation in this method and assuming the letters form a sort of abbreviation of the full name is totally acceptable as well. Massage the name a bit until you get a sound that feels “right” when said out loud. Do the gematria on the name, see if it holds some secret synchronistic relevance to your own life or situation, and look in grimoires like the Heptameron to see if your helper has been mentioned elsewhere. More than anything, use this name in further contact rituals and see if you get a hit, or something talks back.

One note about the name you divine. It is totally up to you whether or not you’d like to share it with anyone. Call me superstitious, but I would not share the name of your spiritual helper with others, unless your trust in them is absolute beyond any doubt. I treat the name like a true name, one that has power. I think keeping it secret and safe is very prudent, but do what thou wilt.

Interview with Allen Greenfield and Atelier Argent

Hello all! Long time, no blog. Hopefully that will change soon, but in the meantime I’ve been very busy learning 3D printing, CNC machining, woodworking, metalworking and other crafty type of things in order to make occult tools for members of my Discord server, Lunar Cry.

Now that I’ve got almost the entire server equipped with Trithemian Tables of Practice, I’m offering them for sale to the general public at my Etsy shop, Atelier Argent. Give it a look!

Using these tables is documented in the section called “The Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals” located in Francis Barrett’s The Magus. In addition, magician Sam Block has written an incredible summary of the conjuration methodology at his blog, The Digital Ambler.

Also, since a lot of time has passed from the previous post, I’d like to add that the New Aeon English Qaballah calculator – featured in Hellier S2 – is now on a website located at Feel free to use it and send me an email or comment if you have any issues. Or, feel free to join my Discord server and ask me there, where we talk about Hellier, anomalistics, the occult and other such topics.

I’ve also updated my Media page with an up-to-date list of podcast appearances. I’d like to draw special attention to my latest interview with Allen Greenfield (of Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts fame) hosted by Adam and Serfiel over at Conspirinormal. It’s a two-parter and we really get into the weeds about Hellier, sex magic, Michael Bertiaux, radical leftist politics and the future of occult secret orders. Check out part one here:

I plan on working further on my guide to using the Trithemian table as I’ve been taught by my mentor, Scott Stenwick. Once it is out, it’ll be released freely on this site and other places. In the meantime, I hope to include some videos and photos detailing my construction process, as well as some articles about how my views and practices have changed over the last year. Stay tuned.




Secrets, Ciphers, and The Book of the Law

Tonight I decided to embark on a completely ludicrous quest, inspired by the Planet Weird documentary series Hellier that premiered last week. Suddenly, our old saucerian and former OTO clergyman T. Allen Greenfield is back on the scene, along with his pal Terry R. Wriste, the Shaver Mystery, and Greenfield’s infamous Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.

Greenfield’s book, title aforementioned, is an exploration of what he claims is a secret cipher embedded into Aleister Crowley’s channeled message from ultraterrestrial herald Aiwass, The Book of the Law, or Liber AL vel Legis. Written over the course of three days and nights in a Cairo apartment, Liber AL vel Legis serves as the primary holy text of the Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO for short. It was long speculated the book contained some sort of secret cipher or code, and work began on decoding it almost from the very beginning, starting with the work of Frater Achad.

As described by Greenfield in his book, the cipher was finally decoded (or so we believe) in 1974 by a group of researchers including Jake Stratton-Kent, based on the curious grid on Sheet 16 of Chapter III in Liber AL vel Legis. It was dubbed the New Aeon English Qabalah, or NAEQ for short.

Greenfield thus applied this knowledge to the high weirdness of the contactee movement and the menagerie of weird alien entities and their vaguely Greek, sci-fi nomme de guerres. As he states in his book:

I had been a UFOlogist for 30 years and a student of the western occult tradition for almost as long before I hit upon a discovery that could completely change forever the way any intelligent student thinks—or should think—about either UFOlogy or the occult. I had long noted, for example, that in the earlier contactee cases, when names were given by the purported aliens for themselves, their home world, etc.,they often were very odd names. I looked many years ago for puns. I mused thatperhaps, for example, Woodrow Derenberger’s 1966 encounter in West Virginia with INDRID COLD from the planet LANULUS had something to do with myth and legend. Jacques Vallee and John Keel had both pointed out the connection withmythic names and legends, and I thought LANULUS might be a play on “LAND YOU LOST” or “LAND YOU LUST” — a reference to Atlantis lore, or legendary shadow lands such as Færie or Magonia. But such answers seemed, like the Masonic 3rd Degree, somehow incomplete.

Greenfield’s hypothesis was that a cipher was purposefully buried into Liber AL vel Legis, which the UFOnauts – or ultraterrestrials – used to communicate symbolically with us and other ultaterrestrials. By calculating the numeric value of a word using the embedded cipher (like INDRID COLD), and then matching up that value with the numeric values of words contained in Liber AL vel Legis, you gain insight into the true nature of the ultraterrestrials and possibly even eavesdrop on their communications with each other.

If you’d like to calculate some words yourself, the NAEQ cipher is as follows:

A=1 B=20 C=13 D=6 E=25 F=18 G=11 H=4 I=23 J=16 K=9 L=2 M=21 N=14 O=7 P=26 Q=19 R=12 S=5 T=24 U=17 V=10 W=3 X=22 Y=15 Z=8

While it’s fairly easy to do this calculation by hand, if you’d like to make a calculator in Google Sheets or Excel to do this for you, this should do the trick. Throw this into cell B2, with your word (lowercase) in A2.


Following is a list of all unique words – and a few whole phrases – along with their numerical values calculated using the NAEQ method. This comes out to around 1294 unique words, give or take. I eliminated the chapter headings (Chapter I, Chapter II, etc) as well as any punctuation, including hyphenated words with the exception of god names and “hawk-headed”. This list is sorted in numerical value, from lowest to highest. There are probably small mistakes here and there.

The intent here is to use this list in conjunction with T. Allen Greenfield’s Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts method, programmatically pulling out all possible subset arrays from values contained in Liber AL vel Legis for values of words calculated using the NAEQ method.

For instance, TERRY R WRISTE would equal 192, the same value as the word SECRET MASTER. INDRID COLD equals 112, which also equals INK AND BLACK, as seen in Hellier.

Unfortunately, as is common in numerology, it would also equal literally tens of thousands of other possible phrases using the key provided here. Probably even more than that. I wrote a program in Java tonight that solves the subset sum problem; I plugged in 192, hit enter, and almost 30 minutes later it’s still spewing out combinations into my console at an eye-watering rate. Needless to say, the smaller the number, the smaller the number of subsets. AJAX, for instance, equals 40, and only has maybe a few hundred or so permutations.

I’m still going to plug away at a possible solution, and I’ll keep everyone posted on progress there. I wish I understood how Greenfield arrives at the values he gets in his book. They all check out numerically and adhere to his method. I suspect his deep familiarity with the text of Liber AL vel Legis and perhaps a dash of PSI helps a lot. It may turn out that calculating this programmatically is a fool’s errand. Still, the promise of unlocking the secrets of the ultraterrestrials is a treasure that’s far too tempting.

Here follows the NAEQ Value Dictionary for Liber AL vel Legis. Have fun, nerds.

a [1], all [5], ah [5], ha [5], as [6], law [6], o [7], was [9], ka [10], had [11], ho [11], oh [11], so [12], sad [12], low [12], do [13], add [13], shall [14], who [14], how [14], also [15], old [15], an [15], war [16], hawk [17], call [18], go [18], or [19], way [19], asar [19], hold [19], show [19], away [20], asks [20], glad [20], and [21], no [21], say [21], on [21], am [22], us [22], why [22], day [22], x [22], hawks [22], i [23], calls [23], fall [23], hard [23], slay [23], now [24], god [24], wand [24], ways [24], dog [24], own [24], glass [24], odds [24], claws [24], of [25], at [25], half [25], look [25], hand [25], whoso [26], gold [26], says [26], son [26], lord [27], always [27], ill [27], days [27], is [28], word [28], can [28], dark [28], woods [28], we [28], holy [28], cold [28], gods [29], he [29], ox [29], isa [29], sky [29], dogs [29], khu [30], will [30], any [30], hands [30], world [30], wanga [30], nay [30], down [30], hail [30], flow [30], drag [30], to [31], work [31], nu [31], good [31], shadows [31], pall [31], soul [31], crawl [31], his [32], last [32], what [32], well [32], lords [32], oil [32], laid [32], door [32], kaaba [32], loud [32], know [33], fold [33], sword [33], hell [33], words [33], hath [33], nor [33], wast [33], aloud [33], seal [33], rays [33], she [34], dew [34], two [34], hast [34], fool [34], long [34], deal [34], by [35], said [35], whom [35], laugh [35], fly [35], hangs [35], man [36], my [36], sun [36], swoon [36], amn [36], shalt [36], goods [36], folk [36], our [36], head [36], mask [36], kill [36], talk [36], souls [36], drawn [36], in [37], for [37], art [37], may [37], pass [37], song [37], avail [37], age [37], swell [37], dusk [37], royal [37], aiwass [38], are [38], joy [38], weak [38], only [38], dead [38], harm [38], hells [38], swords [38], too [38], dwell [38], nia [38], khabs [39], you [39], fools [39], follow [39], task [39], aum [39], lose [39], awake [39], arms [39], full [39], awake [39], shed [40], ye [40], have [40], sake [40], woes [40], gross [40], hair [40], hour [40], cry [40], hardly [40], lurk [40], host [40], altar [40], her [41], whole [41], if [41], save [41], wear [41], doth [41], aye [41], yea [41], awful [41], star [42], kiss [42], sin [42], blood [42], hear [42], skew [42], dost [42], new [42], damn [42], want [42], cross [42], than [43], slave [43], joys [43], book [43], thy [43], foods [43], red [43], cast [43], up [43], does [43], worm [43], back [43], off [43], brass [43], run [43], each [43], din [43], liars [43], love [44], folly [44], wrath [44], fail [44], whose [44], dare [44], play [44], be [45], not [45], fill [45], black [45], end [45], slain [45], woman [46], me [46], few [46], when [46], one [46], swear [46], floor [46], kin [46], sorrow [46], easy [46], ink [46], toy [46], it [47], known [47], stars [47], glory [47], brows [47], which [47], fell [47], wrong [47], bond [47], foam [47], shoot [47], egg [47], use [47], flap [47], cowards [47], him [48], body [48], out [48], lust [48], goodly [48], marks [48], child [48], dove [48], slaves [48], dung [48], called [49], moon [49], key [49], loves [49], jews [49], rose [49], solve [49], alone [49], crown [49], lit [49], meal [49], bid [49], mary [49], thus [50], six [50], rare [50], stand [50], eat [50], send [50], lie [50], axle [50], self [50], dread [50], rain [50], fade [50], again [50], showed [50], harlot [50], coph [50], let [51], many [51], adore [51], your [51], care [51], ones [51], sink [51], sorrows [51], drugs [51], large [51], sorry [51], knew [51], bed [51], island [51], try [51], thou [52], close [52], wilt [52], aeons [52], rich [52], dust [52], done [52], poor [52], its [52], buy [52], push [52], wet [52], nigh [52], the [53], that [53], made [53], sign [53], lazuli [53], dress [53], clear [53], sing [53], tell [53], ordeal [53], cakes [53], over [54], with [54], among [54], soft [54], vault [54], learn [54], four [54], gums [54], pale [54], hate [54], die [54], snake [54], miss [54], chose [54], khut [54], set [54], flesh [54], big [54], both [55], see [55], naked [55], seat [55], east [55], much [55], stands [55], value [55], catch [55], wanded [55], bliss [55], rule [56], yours [56], this [56], lest [56], make [56], lover [56], wise [56], wings [56], chant [56], fear [56], beds [56], still [56], shrouds [56], help [57], hurt [57], saith [57], obeah [57], else [57], lapis [57], west [57], while [57], aught [57], core [57], king [57], canst [57], most [57], around [57], face [57], torn [57], top [57], hadit [58], sweat [58], ordeals [58], from [58], signs [58], house [58], some [58], colour [58], bare [58], drunk [58], droop [58], hide [58], bear [58], abased [58], sparks [58], take [59], once [59], wheel [59], grave [59], reward [59], like [59], kiblah [59], ready [59], men [60], ardours [60], none [60], grades [60], death [60], bosom [60], evil [60], vital [60], live [60], deny [60], gleam [60], veil [60], harder [60], spell [60], get [60], ahathoor [60], cower [60], but [61], name [61], lovely [61], arched [61], choose [61], find [61], amen [61], honour [61], caress [61], rules [61], clerk [61], shape [61], unto [62], sacred [62], bowels [62], found [62], just [62], fellows [62], kings [62], masses [62], fallen [62], tear [62], order [62], hope [62], animal [62], already [62], locked [62], pour [62], tum [62], mongol [62], above [63], azure [63], burn [63], adorer [63], bind [63], leave [63], behold [64], light [64], blue [64], upon [64], pain [64], seek [64], bound [64], drink [64], robe [64], yet [64], languor [64], stir [64], reason [64], fresh [64], weave [64], didst [64], line [64], wheels [64], twin [64], forth [65], globe [65], bend [65], wisdom [65], spells [65], adorant [65], assuage [65], blind [65], pen [65], wine [65], rise [65], water [65], lying [65], more [65], lives [65], honey [65], were [65], heart [66], come [66], earth [66], speak [66], lofty [66], gates [66], means [66], rest [66], charge [66], calling [66], foolish [66], babe [66], here [66], raise [66], mix [66], arise [66], argue [66], then [67], flame [67], obey [67], teach [67], must [67], turn [67], though [67], yearn [67], put [67], arouse [67], sight [67], lift [67], stops [67], masked [67], thrill [67], joyous [67], olive [67], place [67], skies [67], stain [67], headed [67], they [68], chosen [68], into [68], lidded [68], change [68], palace [68], [tzaddi], [68], life [68], burns [68], rapid [68], proud [68], smooth [68], orison [68], dine [68], jesus [68], starry [69], give [69], wife [69], about [69], where [69], saying [69], seen [69], left [69], dying [69], danger [69], gladness [69], spare [69], third [69], warrior [70], bends [70], space [70], chance [70], feel [70], wines [70], absolve [70], second [70], faith [70], women [70], eyes [70], knower [70], truly [70], proof [70], girt [70], beat [70], armour [70], hearts [71], faery [71], style [71], vice [71], limbs [71], surpass [71], globed [71], longer [71], pillars [71], ever [72], other [72], flowers [72], curse [72], kisses [72], open [72], tomb [72], attack [72], chaste [72], power [73], ra-hoor-khu [73], taken [73], great [73], demand [73], store [73], strong [73], runes [73], pit [73], damned [73], feast [73], console [73], cannot [73], fates [73], group [73], thick [73], forge [73], swift [73], holier [73], peck [73], keen [73], under [74], them [74], right [74], gives [74], sense [74], think [74], even [74], doubt [74], spears [74], exalt [74], best [74], assume [74], beast [75], union [75], manyhood [75], aright [75], reveal [75], cube [75], force [75], factor [75], symbols [75], city [75], count [75], abide [75], warriors [75], thing [76], heru-ra-ha [76], five [76], night [76], jewels [76], coiled [76], nine [76], vices [76], withdraw [76], seem [76], gather [77], silver [77], devour [77], stamp [77], enjoy [77], venom [77], nought [77], deem [77], serve [77], curses [77], others [77], double [77], nuit [78], lithe [78], thee [78], mantras [78], fire [78], hidden [78], true [78], willing [78], cries [78], unknown [78], enough [78], feasts [78], test [78], spit [78], heaven [79], state [79], through [79], ritual [79], against [79], consoled [79], higher [79], yonder [79], working [79], abrahadabra [79], homeward [79], worship [80], bring [80], since [80], faint [80], pure [80], fine [80], single [80], beasts [80], beggar [80], length [80], after [80], vigour [80], until [80], bahlasti [80], fight [80], stones [80], isthe [81], knowing [81], things [81], hiding [81], giver [81], stele [81], image [81], steel [81], truth [81], khephra [81], ta-nech [81], indian [81], paste [81], winged [82], scarlet [82], sweet [82], balanced [82], deep [82], first [82], longing [82], money [82], fourth [82], crushed [82], these [83], mine [83], given [83], chief [83], middle [83], shrine [83], dissolve [83], might [83], these [83], success [83], mere [83], rituals [84], hundred [84], been [84], english [84], convey [84], kept [84], naming [84], hawk-headed [84], whence [84], glorious [84], result [85], jasper [85], consoler [85], reign [85], makest [85], visit [85], squared [85], soldiers [85], nemyss [85], knoweth [86], loathing [86], scents [86], bride [86], never [86], beware [86], filthy [86], forbid [86], mercy [86], images [86], throne [86], breath [86], courage [86], creeds [86], every [87], knowest [87], write [87], eight [87], kinsfolk [87], verily [87], armies [87], another [87], weakness [87], fifth [87], green [87], beyond [87], monthly [87], burnt [87], breast [87], fourfold [87], their [88], ecstasy [88], invoke [88], circle [88], nations [88], pity [88], modest [88], blessed [88], master [88], fullness [88], likest [88], breed [88], theban [88], sheets [88], trance [89], sixty [89], headdress [89], spangles [89], obtain [89], cattle [89], there [90], apostle [90], availeth [90], kissing [90], three [90], thine [90], tried [90], peace [90], sunset [90], nowhere [90], flaming [90], unlike [90], suddenly [90], fever [90], paper [90], ompehda [90], answered [91], servant [91], trees [91], veiled [91], within [91], sighing [91], outcast [91], forest [91], spring [91], rightly [91], availest [91], forsaken [91], eagerly [91], leavings [91], appear [91], herself [91], feet [92], accursed [92], pride [92], strange [92], caressed [92], million [92], mockers [92], hither [92], undergo [92], divide [93], apparel [93], time [93], being [93], coiling [93], tahuti [93], thyself [93], listen [93], ordered [93], soften [93], poured [93], unity [93], shameless [93], original [93], ending [93], cometh [94], depart [94], sister [94], bright [94], whereof [94], destroy [94], trodden [94], girders [94], system [95], delight [95], perish [95], servants [96], desire [96], highest [96], confound [96], laughter [96], unfit [96], remain [96], battle [96], winners [96], mingle [96], unveils [96], company [97], nothing [97], bathing [97], desert [97], spices [97], sphere [97], purged [97], giveth [97], itself [97], heathen [97], greet [97], secure [97], readeth [97], tongue [98], fifty [98], scribe [98], covered [98], times [98], lifted [98], strike [98], exhaust [98], delicacy [98], mighty [98], smite [98], cluster [98], eating [98], quickly [98], failure [98], children [99], divided [99], indeed [99], sorroweth [99], strive [99], little [100], queen [100], enter [100], daughter [100], hrumachis [100], adorations [100], deadlier [100], crapulous [100], abrogate [101], remains [101], eleven [101], misery [101], desires [101], mystic [101], mentu [101], achieve [101], divine [101], discover [101], knowledge [102], severe [102], thelema [102], refuse [102], unassuaged [102], eighty [102], beauty [102], leaping [102], begone [102], afterward [102], consume [102], entrap [102], without [102], thebes [103], smelling [103], unite [103], direful [103], seeing [103], friends [103], eternal [103], alphabet [103], disposed [103], standeth [103], speaker [103], lighten [103], tongues 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abramelin [119], moreover [119], utterly [119], blasphemy [119], ra-hoor-khuit [120], overcome [120], especial [120], streets [120], rapturous [121], rejoice [121], delicious [121], mountain [121], torture [121], despised [121], compassion [122], threefold [123], earnestly [123], temple [123], understood [123], revealing [123], pinnacles [123], understand [124], prophet [124], conquest [124], promises [124], thereby [125], comment [125], disappear [125], pointed [125], argument [125], dropping [125], written [125], particle [126], conqueror [126], beetles [126], shattered [126], midnight [126], therein [127], equinox [127], neither [127], untouched [127], throughout [127], torment [127], righteous [128], bes-na-maut [128], wickedness [128], precious [128], prophets [129], exhausted [129], tremble [129], position [129], inviolate [129], multiply [130], equation [130], better [130], spectre [130], printed [130], serpent [131], exorcist [131], supreme [131], passionate [131], forbidden [131], protect [131], enthroned [131], universe [131], love is the law [131], sufferer [132], voluptuous [132], eyesight [132], subtlety [132], dissolution [133], sacrifice [133], perchance [133], undesired [133], laughterful [133], foursquare [133], delivered [134], unattacked [134], inspired [134], expect [135], brilliance [135], between [136], heru-pa-kraath [136], worshipped [137], ultimate [137], vengeance [138], enemies [138], unveiling [139], judgments [139], exposure [139], enginery [139], hierophant [140], eighties [140], beauteous [141], continuous [141], victorious [141], elements [141], uplifted [141], bendingdown [143], perfect [143], worshipper [143], terrible [143], mightier [143], perfume [144], rejoicing [144], innermost [145], invisible [145], presence [145], professional [145], drunkenness [146], hereafter [146], concubine [146], minister [147], extended [147], regretare [147], beautiful [147], presently [148], meetings [148], innocence [148], worshippers [148], love under will [148], perfumes [149], creeping [149], meetest [149], do what thou wilt [149], priestess [150], eighteen [151], certainty [151], lightening [151], therefore [152], intellect [152], performed [152], excellent [152], consciousness [153], thereupon [154], mysteries [155], abomination [155], tenderness [155], intimate [155], everywhere [156], emphatically [157], centuries [158], uttermost [159], abstruction [160], remember [161], sweetnesses [161], reverence [161], eternity [162], infinite [164], beautifully [164], penetrant [165], expected [166], tribulation [167], attribute [170], unimaginable [172], inspiration [172], continuity [174], regenerate [174], existence [176], hierophantic [176], expiration [177], understandeth [177], thelemites [178], complement [178], difference [179], initiating [180], unutterable [181], restriction [182], reproduction [186], magnificent [187], manifestation [200], omnipresence [210], circumference [231], every man and woman is a star [261]


The Soft Machine

I recently discussed the phenomena of strange lights on Seriah Azkath’s show “Where Did the Road Go?” where I once again brought up the oddities surrounding the human visual system and its relative “hackability”. To be more precise, the entire human sensorium is a rickety house that is not terribly hard to trick. I’ve talked about this on several shows, and it was a major talking point on my first appearance on Greg Bishop’s “Radio Misterioso”. I often reference Peter Watts’ brilliant 2006 sci-fi novel Blindsight since while ostensibly a first-contact story featuring space vampires, it’s also a deep examination of both consciousness and cognition. In the notes to Blindsight, Watts elaborates:

The Human sensorium is remarkably easy to hack; our visual system has been described as an improvised “bag of tricks”13 at best. Our sense organs acquire such fragmentary, imperfect input that the brain has to interpret their data using rules of probability rather than direct perception14. It doesn’t so much see the world as make an educated guess about it. As a result, “improbable” stimuli tends to go unprocessed at the conscious level, no matter how strong the input. We tend to simply ignore sights and sound that don’t fit with our worldview.

The point that Watts is communicating here is that the sensations we experience are not concerned with truth – only survival – and it processes those senses based on probability. Not the probability that a sensation is accurate, but the probability that it will allow us to live another day. Evolution is a haunted house, it has never been a perfect process and its primary concern is replication and fitness. It leaves behind ancient artifacts and is full of weirdness and one-offs.

Watts continues:

Sometimes electrical stimulation of the brain induces “alien hand syndrome”— the involuntary movement of the body against the will of the “person” allegedly in control29. Other times it provokes equally involuntary movements, which subjects nonetheless insist they “chose” to perform despite overwhelming empirical evidence to the contrary30Put all this together with the fact that the body begins to act before the brain even “decides” to move31 (but see3233), and the whole concept of free will—despite the undeniable subjective feeling that it’s real—begins to look a teeny bit silly, even outside the influence of alien artefacts.

While electromagnetic stimulation is currently the most trendy approach to hacking the brain, it’s hardly the only one. Gross physical disturbances ranging from tumors34 to tamping irons35 can turn normal people into psychopaths and pedophiles (hence that new persona sprouting in Susan James’s head). Spirit possession and rapture can be induced through the sheer emotional bump-and-grind of religious rituals, using no invasive neurological tools at all (and not even necessarily any pharmacological ones)21. People can even develop a sense of ownership of body parts that aren’t theirs, can be convinced that a rubber hand is their real one36. Vision trumps propioreception: a prop limb, subtly manipulated, is enough to convince us that we’re doing one thing while in fact we’re doing something else entirely3738.

As Watts points out, your “will” to do anything can quite possibly be an illusion. If you decide to move your finger, studies on neural timing have shown that the electrical signal sent from your nervous system to your finger muscles actually happens before the decision making part of your brain fires up. He puts forth a very troubling question: “Are you actually behind the wheel, or do you just think you are?”

On the episode of “Where Did the Road Go?” I talked about how, on the base level, all that you see is a series of electrical signals sent to the visual processing areas of your brain via chemical processes initiated by photosensitive cells in your eyes. These signals are modulated by the brain and perceived by the “viewer”. This is where things get tricky and philosophical but that’s not my focus here. I put forth a speculative hypothesis that you could, theoretically, perform what is known in information security as a “Man-In-The-Middle Attack”, but on a human being’s senses.

A Man-In-The-Middle is basically where you put a point of access somewhere between a client and a server. This not only allows you to intercept all communications and analyze them, but also manipulate that data, inject your own changes, or possible reroute that to a third-party for exfiltration or impersonation. It’s an extremely dangerous attack, since on the surface it can appear transparent the client machine.

My hypothesis was that if you had a sufficiently advanced technology, or were able to operate outside the accepted norms of time and space, you could intercept the visual signal en route from the retina to the brain and manipulate it, either to scramble the information or inject your own images: in effect “hacking” the visual cortex. And it doesn’t have to stop there, all senses work basically the same way. You could make someone “hear”, “see”, “smell”, “taste”, or “feel” whatever you’d like them to.

In the episode, I suggested this could be accomplished via very fine control of electromagnetism. We know for a fact that this is possible in a crude fashion. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been shown in a laboratory by researchers like Michael Persinger to induce hallucinations, panic, and other altered states of consciousness.

However, I didn’t consider another possibility. Watts elaborates:

The latest tool in this arsenal is ultrasound: less invasive than electromagnetics, more precise than charismatic revival, it can be used to boot up brain activity39 without any of those pesky electrodes or magnetic hairnets. In Blindsight it serves as a convenient back door to explain why Rorschach‘s hallucinations persist even in the presence of Faraday shielding— but in the here and now, Sony has been renewing an annual patent for a machine which uses ultrasonics to implant “sensory experiences” directly into the brain40. They’re calling it an entertainment device with massive applications for online gaming. Uh huh. And if you can implant sights and sounds into someone’s head from a distance, why not implant political beliefs and the irresistable desire for a certain brand of beer while you’re at it?

The research that Watts is referencing is work on whether or not ultrasound can stimulate nerve tissue. Effectively,  by propagating an ultrasonic wave in the presence of a magnetic field, you can create particle motion in electrolytic tissues, inducing electric current via Lorentz forces. As the paper lays out, using this method as opposed to transcranial magnetic stimulation holds a few interesting practical advantages. For one, it has differing temporal characteristics:

Although the duration of a TMS pulse is typically on the order of a few tenths of a millisecond and the ultrasonic variation is on the order of microseconds or less (roughly the reciprocal of the ultrasonic frequency), considerable control over the shape of the ultrasonic waveform is in principle possible. For example, one can transmit an ultrasonic pulse train at essentially any repetition frequency or modulate a continuous ultrasonic wave in a variety of ways.

This would imply a greater degree of control – and perhaps manipulation – via ultrasound stimulation.

While thinking about this, I couldn’t help but draw parallels with the oft-reported “infrasound” talked about in Bigfoot folklore. Regardless of my own belief in Bigfoot, we do have to concede that there has been no solid evidence of its existence beyond anecdotal witness encounters. While there do appear to be recordings of vocalizations that seem to indicate sound in the infrasonic range, we cannot confirm that these are real. It is known though, for a fact, that infrasound is utilized by a wide variety of animals for both hunting and defense. Conversely, some animals (such as bats) use ultrasound for echolocation and cetaceans use ultrasound for long-distance communication. While I haven’t been able to find any suggestion that infrasound frequencies could be used in the same fashion as ultrasound theoretically can, the effects of certain infrasonic frequencies on humans has been studied quite a bit.

In a paper titled “Infrasound: Brief Review of Toxicological Literature” on the National Institute of Health’s website, they seem to indicate that infrasound would not be a great candidate for applications like the one we’re suggesting:

One argument against the feasibility of the use of infrasound in nonlethal weapons is that infrasound’s wavelengths (17 m and above) are so long that they spread out too rapidly to be focused (19).

19. Hecht. J. 1999. Not a sound idea. New Sci. March 20, 1999. Available at Last accessed on September 16, 2001.

So while exposure to infrasound is known to induce general symptoms of nausea, fear, uneasiness, and possible hearing damage or changes in blood pressure, it would lack the necessary capabilities to perform the finely focused electrical manipulation I’m suggesting.

However, the idea of “ultrasound brain manipulation” devices got my brain spinning when I realized it sounded awfully familiar to something I’d heard before: “The Shaver Mystery”.

Most of you are probably familiar with The Shaver Mystery, Richard Sharpe Shaver’s Warning to Future Man and stories of underground civilizations filled with genetically engineered degenerate sorcerers who fed and tormented the unwitting humans living above-ground. If you’re not familiar, writer Nick Redfern did an excellent write-up on Mysterious Universe that you can read here.

Pertinent to our discussion above, Shaver described the evil underground Deros as having a technology that essentially describes our hypothetical manipulation device. From a website describing the contents of Shaver’s A Warning to Future Man:

According to Shaver, after the Deros had wiped out the underground community with which he was involved, he never again visited “the caves” in a physical sense, however he claimed that following this he began receiving “messages” via the “telaugs”, or electronically enhanced focused telepathic augmentation beams, claiming to be from the “Teros”.

While I’m personally a sucker for Hollow Earth stories of vast caverns filled with decaying ruins of a bygone age and haunted by the monstrous remnants of those declined civilizations, I’ve always been a bit wary of the “reality” of the Shaver mystery. In the most respectful way possible, it has always seemed to me that Shaver was possibly very, very ill and was being milked by Ray Palmer for stories. This is because this hypothetical device is a well known aspect of paranoid schizophrenia. Shaver isn’t the first person to be tormented via a machine that shoots telepathic beams to manipulate and torment the victim. This “Influencing Machine” is so well known that it has its own Wikipedia page. From said page:

The main effects of the influencing machine are the following:

  1. It makes the patient see pictures. When this is the case, the machine is generally a magic lantern or cinematograph. The pictures are seen on a single plane, on walls or window panes, and unlike typical visual hallucinations are not three-dimensional.
  2. It produces, as well as removes, thoughts and feelings by means of waves or rays or mysterious forces which the patient’s knowledge of physics is inadequate to explain. In such cases, the machine is often called a “suggestion-apparatus.” Its construction cannot be explained, but its function consists in the transmission or “draining off” of thoughts and feelings by one or several persecutors.
  3. It produces motor phenomena in the body, erections and seminal emissions, that are intended to deprive the patient of his male potency and weaken him. This is accomplished either by means of suggestion or by air-currents, electricity, magnetism, or X-rays.
  4. It creates sensations that in part cannot be described, because they are strange to the patient himself, and that in part are sensed as electrical, magnetic, or due to air-currents.
  5. It is also responsible for other occurrences in the patient’s body, such as cutaneous eruptions, abscesses, or other pathological processes.

One of the most famous victims was James Tilly Matthews, a tea broker from the early 1800s, who claimed that an evil criminal gang was telepathically tormenting him via what he called an “Air Loom”, an electrochemical device that could beam thoughts into his mind. He claimed that the gang was utilizing the Air Loom to target and influence various political figures of the time. More recently, there are parallels to Philip K. Dick’s VALIS, a supercomputer orbiting earth that sent him visions via “pink lasers”. And there’s Shaver, tormented by evil Deros doing exactly the same to him.

The device was even used as a fictional device in William S. Burroughs’ novel The Soft Machine – a machine that used a magnetic tape to control the population and keep them in check. The machine is then hijacked and used to destroy the civilization that had utilized it as a control mechanism. Burroughs writes:

Inexorably as the machine had controlled thought feeling and sensory impressions of the workers, the machine now gave the order to dismantle itself and kill the priests—I had the satisfaction of seeing the overseer pegged out in the field, his intestines perforated with hot planting sticks and crammed with corn—I broke out my camera gun and rushed the temple—This weapon takes and vibrates image to radio static—You see the priests were nothing but word and image, an old film
rolling on and on with dead actors

However, as people may know, I’m not a particularly materialist person. At the risk of sounding controversial, I’ve often thought about the delusions and hallucinations of schizophrenics and wondered if there’s perhaps some truth that can be found in them. Some of the esoteric and paranormal events people encounter could be described in similar terms to hallucinations suffered by people victim to schizophrenia. And sometimes these lines get awfully blurry.

Shaver claimed that he first physically encountered the remnant Teros, the benevolent citizens of the declined subterranean empire, before being tormented by the telepathic rays of the Deros. How many times have we heard this story before? Someone has a genuine anomalous encounter that then seems to latch onto them, changing them on a mental (and sometimes physical) level, completely derailing their old life and setting them on a new, far more unusual course.

The idea of subterranean kingdoms is as old as humanity. I’ll leave you with one very interesting rabbit hole I found.

In 1935, a series of serial films called The Phantom Empire were shown in American theaters. The film is primarily concerned with a group of modern humans coming into contact with a technologically advanced, ancient subterranean civilization. One of the actors, whose name is prominently feature on the poster, was Frankie DARRO.

d2f0efe3fe5d802b0f7307efedd5ea6aIs it possible that Richard Shaver saw this movie in theaters, just a few years before writing his A Warning to Future Man, and subconsciously got the name DERO from seeing the actor’s name on the poster, or in the title card? Did his paranoid delusions featuring an “Influencing Machine” get wrapped up in memories of a particularly interesting science fiction film featuring an ancient underground civilization in decline?

Let’s go one level deeper. There’s quite an interesting little note on the Wikipedia page for The Phantom Empire.

The idea for the plot came to writer Wallace MacDonald when he was under gas having a tooth extracted. (7)

7. Harmon 1972, pp. 61–62.

Assuming that this “gas” was nitrous oxide, I hardly need to comment on how nitrous has been used since its discovery as a gateway to altered states of consciousness. And so, the writer that perhaps inspired Shaver’s mysteries, came up with the idea for it while in an altered state.

“Curiouser and curiouser!”


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Two Nightmares

Had my first panic inducing nightmares in quite some time last night. Thought I’d record them here because of how visceral they were and because I might like to analyze them later.

First dream involved me (in the body of a woman, possibly the first dream I’ve ever had with that scenario) walking around some house I didn’t recognize. In one hand I held an exactoknife. There was another lady with me, that I didn’t recognize. For some reason I was either shirtless, or my stomach was exposed, because I noticed this strange patch of extremely dry, itchy, scaly skin on my belly. I kept scratching this spot, and eventually used the flat of the exactoknife blade to attempt to scrape away the flakes of dead skin.

Using the blade to do this soothed the itching, but then I noticed that the spot had begun bleeding profusely. At first it was just an oozing, but that quickly grew into it almost spurting out of me. I started to panic and scream and went to a mirror in a bathroom. The woman I was with came with me, and from behind grabbed the skin around the patch and started squeezing. Thick red blood started gushing out of what had become a gaping hole in my stomach. I screamed as loud as I could and just watched in horror as I lost more and more blood. Eventually the blood stopped, and only a clear, thick slime squirted from the hole. Seeing this caused me to become faint and pass out, which meant that I woke up in the real world, breathing heavily and covered in sweat.

After shaking off the dream, I went back to sleep and had another nightmare, a more familiar one from when I was younger.

I dreamed that I was in a wooded area behind a house, in what felt like a rural place. The space behind the house gently sloped and then became a fairly steep embankment above a sort of drainage ditch. In the trees ahead of me, there were cast-iron frying pans and other heavy objects hanging from ropes, dangling from the limbs at head height. A group of teenage boys I was with decided to start running headfirst towards these objects and knocking themselves out, and I got the impression we were recording some sort of show like “Jackass”. Everyone was laughing at these guys hurting themselves, as I stood on a steep part of the embankment.

Looking down, I saw an enormous snake slither out from under the leaves and debris on the ground below me. It had a bright red triangular head, and I knew it was some sort of viper. It startled me, but since it was moving away from me I didn’t worry too much about it. But when I looked down, I saw that there were even more snakes surrounding my feet. Enormous cottonmouths and rattlesnakes were inches away from me and I started panicking. I wanted to get as far away as possible, back up the embankment and closer to the other people. But as I put my hands on the ground to try and crawl back up, the hill grew steeper and and slippery. I felt like I was about to fall back into the ditch, where countless other snakes loomed. I grabbed hold of a huge root sticking out of the dirt, only to realize too late that I was grabbing an enormous python. I felt its extremely smooth and muscular body start to contort, saw its head emerge from the debris and knew that it was going to rear back and strike me. At this moment, my fear peaked and I woke up again, hyperventilating.

The first dream confuses me the most. I’ve had body horror dreams before, but they generally always involve me as myself, and always involve something dental – teeth falling out, crumbling – because of my intense dental anxiety. I’ve never experienced that sort of dream in another person’s body. The snake dream is a variant on a theme of nightmare that I’ve had ever since I was a child, generally involving having to carefully navigate a ground covered in venomous snakes, who sometimes strike and bite me. The first dream I’ll definitely need to analyze further.

Dreams in the Witch House

So, I had a dream last night that may or may not have had some occult significance that I at least want to describe. It’s been a couple of weeks since I performed a lunar initiation in the style of Rufus Opus’s “Seven Spheres” method and I’ve been waiting for something like this to manifest.

In this dream, which was bordering on semi-lucid since in some fashion I knew I was dreaming, I was walking around the area of my old high school at night. The sky was clear and it was warm outside. As I approached a parking lot behind the school, some sort of apparition appeared to me. It looked like a cloaked and hooded human figure, but I could only see blackness where the face should be. It didn’t walk towards me, but more glided or seemed to be blinking in and out of the reality of the dream.

Instantly, I recognized whatever this was as a spirit and started asking questions. First, I asked its name, which now I can only remember as starting with a ‘Z’ and that I hadn’t observed it being part of any existing catalog or grimoire list.. I then asked it to show me its seal, which it did. In the sky above, I saw the spirit’s seal manifest in whitish-bluish light, creating sparks as it did so, but then instantly fading before I could remember what it looked like. I asked for it to continue building it over and over so I could get a better idea of its structure. Now that it was being built multiple times a second, flashing up there like a light fixture gone insane, I could see that it was effectively a pentagram, but with the lines of the star curved and bent in odd ways. Still though I felt the spirit wasn’t being honest and again I asked to see its seal. After that, the true seal was shown in the sky, this time in a solid format. It was unlike any I’d seen before in other lists of spirit seals. Now that I’m back in the waking world, I can only vaguely remember what it looked like, but I’ll try to reconstruct it tonight.

After this, I took a bundle of folders and papers from the back of a van that was nearby and started trying to draw the seal, but was unable to concentrate and accomplish the task. Eventually the dream started shifting away from me, and I ended up in another dreamplace and storyline.

Going beyond the grimoires and finding new spirits to document is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and it’s possible this dream could be a manifestation of that desire. Either way, it was strange and interesting. Hopefully I can reconstruct that seal. This whole experience is a strong reminder that I need to focus more on dream recall and achieving lucidity.