Dreams in the Witch House

So, I had a dream last night that may or may not have had some occult significance that I at least want to describe. It’s been a couple of weeks since I performed a lunar initiation in the style of Rufus Opus’s “Seven Spheres” method and I’ve been waiting for something like this to manifest.

In this dream, which was bordering on semi-lucid since in some fashion I knew I was dreaming, I was walking around the area of my old high school at night. The sky was clear and it was warm outside. As I approached a parking lot behind the school, some sort of apparition appeared to me. It looked like a cloaked and hooded human figure, but I could only see blackness where the face should be. It didn’t walk towards me, but more glided or seemed to be blinking in and out of the reality of the dream.

Instantly, I recognized whatever this was as a spirit and started asking questions. First, I asked its name, which now I can only remember as starting with a ‘Z’ and that I hadn’t observed it being part of any existing catalog or grimoire list.. I then asked it to show me its seal, which it did. In the sky above, I saw the spirit’s seal manifest in whitish-bluish light, creating sparks as it did so, but then instantly fading before I could remember what it looked like. I asked for it to continue building it over and over so I could get a better idea of its structure. Now that it was being built multiple times a second, flashing up there like a light fixture gone insane, I could see that it was effectively a pentagram, but with the lines of the star curved and bent in odd ways. Still though I felt the spirit wasn’t being honest and again I asked to see its seal. After that, the true seal was shown in the sky, this time in a solid format. It was unlike any I’d seen before in other lists of spirit seals. Now that I’m back in the waking world, I can only vaguely remember what it looked like, but I’ll try to reconstruct it tonight.

After this, I took a bundle of folders and papers from the back of a van that was nearby and started trying to draw the seal, but was unable to concentrate and accomplish the task. Eventually the dream started shifting away from me, and I ended up in another dreamplace and storyline.

Going beyond the grimoires and finding new spirits to document is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and it’s possible this dream could be a manifestation of that desire. Either way, it was strange and interesting. Hopefully I can reconstruct that seal. This whole experience is a strong reminder that I need to focus more on dream recall and achieving lucidity.