Lunar Mansion Ritual Template

So, lately I’ve been very interested in electional astrology and attempting to learn and be better at it, and coincidentally it seems like everyone I’m friends with is suddenly into Lunar Mansion magic.

Lunar Mansions are a time-keeping method that tracks the positions of the Moon as she progresses through the night sky. From :

The Lunar Mansions are determined by the position of the Moon as she circles the Earth. Taking her average motion of 12° 51′ and 26" and dividing that by the 360°s of the zodiac, we arrive at the 28 distinct positions the Moon can occupy in the sky on any given night.

Via my pal Nate’s blog he pointed out that March 23rd and 24th have a particularly good election for the 3rd Lunar Mansion, also known as Al-Thuraya. You can read his post here:

Al-Thuraya (The Abundant Little Ones) is located between 25° Aries 42′ – 8° Taurus 34′. The talismanic properties of Al-Thuraya include the "acquisition of all good things", which is something I think we can all appreciate. Again, from

  • Name: Al Thurayya (The Abundant Little Ones)
  • Indicator Star: Alcyone
  • Zodiacal Measurement: 25° Aries 42′ – 8° Taurus 34′
  • Electional Properties: Good to purchase animals, travel (but not by sea), hunting, alchemical works, and doing good. Bad for marriage, partnerships between unequals, and planting.
  • Talismanic Image: A seated woman with her right hand above her head.
  • Talismanic Properties: Acquisition of all good things. Safe travel, hold individuals captive, success in hunting and alchemical experiments.
  • Spirit: Amixiel or Annuncia
  • Suffumigation: Musk, camphor, mastic, and aromatic oils.

While my electional window for Minneapolis is going to be 23 March from 14:25 to 15:03, the timing for your location may be significantly different. Nate’s youtube post about March’s Lunar Mansions has a handy guide for helping you to calculate the timing for where you are, which you can find here:

You’ll want to find a time period where the following conditions are met:

  • The Moon is applying conjunct the Midheaven (MC ) or Ascendant (ASC)
  • The Moon has a beneficial aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile) to a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter).
  • The Moon is not negatively aspected (opposition, square) to a malefic planet (Mars or Saturn).
  • The Moon is not combust (within 12 degrees of the Sun).
  • The Moon is not in a cadent house (3rd, 6th, 9th, or 12th).
  • The planet that rules the sign the Moon is in (aka the Domicile Lord) is not in a cadent house.
  • The Domicile Lord is not negatively aspected to a malefic planet.
  • The Domicile Lord is not combust.
  • The Domicile Lord is not in a cadent house.
  • The Midheaven is not in a cadent house.

Lots of conditions, right? For me, the time window when all of these line up perfectly is between 15:01 and 15:03, so that two minute window is when I want to be suffumigating and charging the talisman. It’s okay to start the ritual beforehand – perhaps when the Moon begins being conjunct Midheaven, but ideally you’d want to do the actual juicing up of the talisman during the ideal window.

My current magical working group at Leaping Laughter Lodge in Minneapolis is also starting experimentation with Lunar Mansion magic. Sister Michelle Montserrat was kind enough to provide us with a ritual template that she adapted from Nigel Jackson’s Mansion Ritual published in The Mansions of the Moon – A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic, Second Edition, pp 30-33, 2019. ISBN 978-0-359-41315-7

I wanted to repost this ritual with a few modifications for my other internet friends who might want to do this ritual and take advantage of the auspicious election. Note: Names in ALL CAPS should be vibrated.

It is as follows:

Lunar Mansion Invocation Ritual

I. Opening

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Star Ruby.

JIBRAIL, MIKHAIL, ISRAFIL, AZRAIL, I call you to me here and now in this Holy Place.

Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram or Star Sapphire (with signs of NOX).

Invocation of Lunar Pneumata from the Picatrix:

Above me HADIS,

Below me MARANUS,

On my right MALTAS,

On my left TIMAS,

Before me RABIS,

Behind me MINALUS,

I invoke you here and now in this Holy Place.

II. Tuning the Space

Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Yesod (Lunar hexagram in violet, godname SHADDAI EL CHAI).

III. Invocation

1. (Say the Oration to the Spirits of Luna, Picatrix Bk IV, ch. 9)

Come swiftly with your spirits!

2. (Say the Mansion Prayer)

Great Angel who are appointed and set over the sphere of the Moon hear our incantations:
By the Infinite One and the Holy Unutterable Name of God,
By the Peak of Sin, crescent-crowned Moon-monarch,
And by the Silvern Hand of Ilmaqa, by the horns of Selene,
And the might of Lord Jibrail,
Peacock of the Angels ruling in the Heaven of Levanah.

3. (Say the Prayer to Luna: Picatrix Bk III, ch.7)

Luna, happy mistress, fortunate, cold and moist, even and beautiful, you are the head and the key of the planets, light in your motions, you who have a brilliant light, mistress of elation and pleasure, of good words, of good reputation, of regal fortune.

You are she who loves religion, who contemplates the things of the world, full of subtlety in your thoughts, you love and cherish pleasures, chants and pleasantries, mistress of ambassadors and envoys, able to reveal the secrets.

You are free and precious, you are for us closer than all the other planets. You are the greatest of all and you are luminous for all. You are capable of good and evil, you establish the link between planets, you relay their light, by your good disposition you improve them, whatever their condition.

All in this world is beautified the instant you are beautiful, and goes to the ill the moment you go to the ill. You are the beginning of things and their end. You are pre-eminent in nobility and honour amongst all the planets. It is why I make this request of you.

And I conjure you Silijail, The Angel that God has set with you to accomplish all your effects, have pity on me, to grant my request and by the humility which you have toward our Lord of Creation and His dominion, to grant me good in that which I request of you and for which I pray to you.

I invoke you by all your names:

QAMAR in Arabian,
MEHE in Phoenician,
ZAMAHYL in Greek,
SUMA in Indian,
CELEZ in Roman,

So that you meet my request in this Holy Place.

4. Conjuration of Gabriel

Many-named Luna, grant this working be true, and successful and call forth the great angel Gabriel who is appointed to the Sphere of the Moon to hear my incantations. By the infinite One and the holy unutterable name of God, by the peak of Sin, the crescent crowned Monarch. By the silver horns of Selene and the might of Gabriel, by the 28 forms of the Moon.

5. Petition

By this Rite of SHADDAI EL CHAI,
In the Supreme Power of the Light of Lights,
By the Eternal Forms of Light,
In the Name beyond all Names:
Descend, O –(Say Name of Mansion Spirit)—,
Celestial intelligence of —(Say Name of Mansion)—,
Descend, we implore thee, from the perfumed Mandal of the Lamps of the Moon. Breathe thy power into this talisman and ensoul it with thy pneumata. Enlighten me and grant me insight into the true nature of your spiritual realm. So mote it be!

At this point, suffumigate the talisman by passing it through the incense smoke. Feel the spirits moving through the smoke and into your talisman, empowering it with their essence.

6. Meditation

Sit in meditation with the conjured energy of the mansion for 10-20 minutes. Make note of all you experience.

7. License to Depart

(Mansion Spirit), celestial intelligence of (Name of Mansion), I hereby license you to depart unto your appointed place without harm or danger unto man or beast by the name SHADDAI EL CHAI. Go forth now, and may the blessings and peace of the Almighty, Eternal, True and Living God be ever present between us.

6. Closing

Close with Qabalistic Cross only to seal any insights gained during the meditation.